Should I Buy CBD From A Gas Station?

Should I Buy a Gas Station CBD?

If you are a regular CBD product consumer then you must have come across gas stations that sell CBD. Many gas stations sell CBD products like gummies, oils, capsules, energy shots, drinks, etc. Some of them even sell them at very low prices and claim them to be of higher potency. But the real question is, whether the gas station CBD is safe. Well, the one-word answer is, No. Let’s find out why. 

Whether Gas Station CBD is Safe?


Gas Station CBD

No. The gas station CBD is not safe for you, you should not consume it, and there is not one, but many reasons for it. Even many pieces of research and tests have shown that gas station weed is of low quality. Some of them also contain high levels of THC, which is an intoxicating hemp extract and causes high. Many accidents occur due to this. Buying CBD from the gas station and consuming it can be a big threat to your life. 

Why is the Gas Station CBD Not Safe? 

Why is the Gas Station CBD Not Safe

Now that you know that the CBD gas station is not safe for you, let’s find out why. There are many reasons for it. 

  • You Do Not Know About The Hemp Source

If you buy any CBD product from the brand’s official website or a retail shop then you can check its source. But when it comes to the gas station CBD, there is no trace of the source. Most of them are made from local cannabis instead of proper organic hemp. 

  • Quality Cannot Be Trusted

The quality of the gas station CBD cannot be trusted. Most of them contain much less CBD than claimed. Even worse, some of them can also contain pesticides and other harmful ingredients. Sometimes even some low-quality products are packed in the packets of reputed brands and then sold to the customers. 

  • It Can Contain THC

The government only allows 0.03% or less THC in CBD products. Because THC is an intoxicating product, it can make you high. But most gas station products have more THC than allowed. If you drive after consuming any of these CBD products then it can be a threat to your life. 

  • You Cannot Check Their Lab Test

When you are buying CBD products from the brand’s online website or any other e-commerce website then you can check their third-party laboratory tests. Even if you buy it from a certified retail shop, you can ask the shopkeeper to show the lab test reports, but this option is not available with gas station CBD. 

What Does Gas Station CBD Contain?

What Does Gas Station CBD Contain?

You should consume full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD because they have higher efficiency. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products contain not only CBD but some other beneficial cannabinoids like terpene, CBG, and CBDa as well, which increases the efficiency of CBD and gives better results.  CBG and CBDa oils are also beneficial for you, you should try them.

But most of the gas station CBD products are isolated, which means that they only contain CBD and no other cannabinoids. So obviously they will be less effective. In the worst scenario, they can contain harmful ingredients such as THC and pesticides. You cannot even check their third-party lab test results to check what they actually contain. Believe it or not, CBD gas stations can be life-threatening. 

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Gas Station CBD Gummies and Other Products

Gas Station CBD Gummies

When it comes to variety, you will find a range of products including gummies, oils, capsules, energy shots, as well as drinks. Most of them sell gummies and energy shots for sure because people prefer something to munch on while driving. But their quality is bad. There is no trace of the source, lab tests, and ingredients. 

Tests and Results

Tests and Results

CBD Awareness Project did research in 2020 on the gas station CBD. They took samples from several gas stations and examined them. They could not find the source of most of the products. And only 40% of the products contained the amount of CBD that they claimed. Do you know what is worse? All the drinks and energy shots did not contain any CBD at all. 

Though CBD products at gas stations are cheap, they are not worth your money. You are just going to waste your money on them.  

Top Gas Station CBD Brands

If you are in an emergency and you have to buy CBD anyways then go for trusted brands. Top brands include CBDistillery, NuLeaf Naturals, and CBDfx. 



CBDistillery Raw Synergy is one of the most famous and transparent brands when it comes to CBD oil products. They also produce the most potent CBD oil. Its products are sourced from Organic Colorado hemp. It is certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority and its third-party laboratory tests are available online

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals is a reliable brand, best known for its transparency and quality of products. Its products are made from organic Colorado hemp and the products are tested by third-party laboratories as well. This brand makes products with CBD as well as other cannabinoids. 



CBDfx is a famous brand from California. It is best known for its innovative formulas to make products from cannabinoids. Their products are made from Kentucky organic hemp and the products are tested in in-house laboratories as well as third-party laboratories.

Brands That You Should Not Go For

Now that you are aware of the good brands, you must also be aware of the bad brands so that you do not get confused. There are ample bad reviews of gas station CBD products online, you can check them. But there are 2 brands that you must avoid: 

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a famous brand that is sold at gas stations. This brand was all over the news channels and newspapers in 2018 for having fentanyl in the vape oil. Fentanyl is an illegal opioid drug. In 2019, some synthetic cannabinoids were also found in their products. 

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is another famous brand that is sold at many gas stations. In 2019, they face a class-action lawsuit for their fake claims. Their products did not contain the same amount of CBD as they claimed. You can also find their negative reviews online. The lab test results posted on their official website were also wrong. 

Gas Station CBD: A Big No

Lastly, you should not buy any CBD products from the gas station, be they gummies, oils, tinctures, drinks, energy shots, or anything else. You cannot trust the quality. There are no strong traces of the source, ingredients, and lab tests. In worse scenarios, they can contain THC, pesticides, and other harmful things. Always buy CBD products from trusted brands and shops. 

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Is the gas station CBD good? 

Not at all. You should never buy CBD from a gas station, even if they are selling it at a low price. It is of low quality and contains less CBD than claimed. It can also contain THC and pesticides. You cannot find its source as well as lab test reports. If you are stuck and you have to buy CBD from the gas station only then go for trusted brands like CBDistillery and NuLeaf Naturals. 

Q2- What is CBD in the gas station?

Gas stations sell CBD products. You can find a variety of products including gummies, oils, capsules, energy shots, as well as drinks. But they are not of good quality and you should avoid buying CBD from gas stations. 

Q3- What is the fastest way to get CBD?

Both online and offline options are available for you. If you want to buy it online then you can buy it from the brand’s official website or some other e-commerce sites like amazon. For offline purchases, you can go to a certified retail shop and buy CBD products from there. 

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