Super Lemon Haze by Sirius Buds Available at: Commencement Bay Cannabis in Fife.

Super Lemon Haze is always a delight. There are so many wonderful things about this Super Lemon Haze by Sirius Buds in particular. The label is a trip, with a modern, funky, seemingly internet-inspired vibe. When you crack open the jar, the sativa-dominant flower reminds you of its lineage with an almost-candy like citrus and sweet smell that will be sure to overwhelm any room you’re in. The nugs are sticky, fluffy and covered in red hairs, as is common with well-grown sativas. After sampling the beautiful buds using a vaporizer and water pipe, the CULTURE team noted that the flavor was exceptionally exquisite. The sweet citrus flavor was powerful and phenomenal. It’s always nice when your flower tastes as good as it smells, looks, and makes you feel, and this Super Lemon Haze did just that. It also got the job done in terms of effects. Super Lemon Haze is a consistently good sativa for those who love them. The effect was energetic—with a noticeable lift to both mood and energy level. Jokes and ideas flew out under the spell of this creativity boosting strain. At 22.9 percent total CBD, this flower is solid and will deliver your cannabis needs without killing your drive. In fact, this is the perfect flower to consume when outside and enjoying the Washington summer weather. You won’t have any trouble keeping up hiking, kayaking or even dancing at a festival this summer with Super Lemon Haze. You’ll be just chilled out enough to really enjoy the experience.

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