St. Croix Celebrates 12 Days of Carnival

January is perhaps the best time of year when it comes to St. Croix cannabis travel, as this gem of a Caribbean island in the U.S. Virgin Islands annually celebrates Crucian Christmas Carnival during the first week of the month.

Held from Christmas Day through January 7, St. Croix’s 2017 carnival festivities rev up as the sun goes down. Each evening has a different theme (for example: Reggae, calypso, Latin, children, adults) and always includes costumes, music, dancing, food, drink and good times.

St. Croix is The U.S. Virgin Islands’ most remote island and the biggest, at around 85 square miles. This isolation—as well as the incredibly chill vibe from being home to some of the world’s best white sand beaches and its rich Afro-Caribbean-Euro culture—is another reason why cannabis enthusiasts flock to scenic St. Croix.

And while St. Croix and the U.S. Virgin Islands may seem very far away, the good news is American citizens do not need a passport, the main language is English and the currency is U.S. green backs.

Another reason to choose St. Croix is the island has recently undergone a farm-to-table culinary Renaissance. St. Croix’s culinary scene was always a decidedly delicious mix of West African, native Caribbean, European (Danish, French, Spanish), South American and North American flavors, but a new breed of organic farmers and young chefs has made the island into an international fine dining dream come true.

Seeking romance? St. Croix caters to couples who really want to get away from it all. The island’s accommodations include charming boutique properties positioned atop bucolic beaches. Many of these B&Bs, villas, condos and luxury hotels specialize in couples “therapy”: Zen-like cottage suites, chic outdoor lounging spaces, couple-centric spas and candlelit dinners on the sand.

Of course, ocean sports abound in St. Croix. Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the world’s best while the global sailing community constantly gathers at the island’s “twin city” port towns of Dane-inspired Christiansted and Victorian-era Frederiksted.

Multicultural cannabis aficionados who love the mellow Caribbean island lifestyle will fall ferociously in love with St. Croix and most especially during carnival’s nightly party scene.

Fun-Filled Facts

—2017 marks the 100th anniversary of “Transfer Day” when the Danish-held “West Indies” officially became the U.S. Virgin Islands. Centennial celebrations abound all year long as the islands embrace both their Danish and American heritages.

—The U.S. Virgin Islands is the only Caribbean destination that celebrates carnival thrice a year. Each island hosts a two-week carnival festival (St. Croix during the holidays, St. Thomas in late April and St. John at the end of July).

If You Go

The U.S. Virgin Islands benefits from a strong Rastafari culture as Jamaica is 800 or so miles away. However, this U.S. territory has yet to legalize medical cannabis. In 2014, the territory’s Senate overrode then Gov. John P. DeJongh’s veto of a cannabis decriminalization provision, which has since eliminated jail time for minor possession (you can get fined $100-$200 for carrying up to one ounce). As with any chill island culture where cannabis is still illegal on the record, make certain to acquire from down-to-earth locals who frequent beaches, bars and clubs. While most islanders won’t bat an eye when they get a whiff of that tell-tale cannabis aroma, resist lighting up around schools, hotels, shops and government buildings as well as crowded parks and beaches.

Time to Go: January

Weather: High 80s with some rainfall

Budget: $$$

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