Ringos Gift

Available at Dispensaries throughout California.

Demonstrating a ceaseless commitment to designing a superior line of cannabis products, W Vapes has delivered a high-quality, full flower, strain-specific CBD CO2 Extracted Oil vape cartridge,  compatible with W Vapes’ sleek Push Button Battery vaporizer pen design. Our sample of Ringos Gift was the perfect solution to combat our pesky ailments in a discreet and effective way. All of W Vapes’ products are lab-tested and certified as pesticide-free. Ringos’ 13:1 CBD/THC ratio has a high potency of 73 percent CBD with a soft accompaniment of 5.5 percent THC allowed us to alleviate pain, nausea and inflammation at work without distracting us with psychoactive effects. When we were ready to run errands after a long workday, the convenience of this CBD-rich cartridge served us on-the-go as well. Any existing nausea melted away as quickly as we were able to inhale the smooth vapor with the simple touch of a button. This vape cartridge would also work wonders for patients with epilepsy, as CBD has been found as powerful medication to stop seizures. Learn more about W Vapes extraction process and superior quality standards at wvapes.com.

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