Rich Revelation Get acquainted with the hip-hop expression from Denver-local Trev Rich

It’s no secret that Denver is making its mark as a leader in cannabis reform these past few years. As the first to successfully implement recreational cannabis sales, this city is becoming not only a cultural hotbed and financial haven, it is producing some of the best talent out there. So it isn’t surprising that Denver’s own rap guru Trev Rich was recently signed to Cash Money Records and is poised for a highly successful hip-hop career.

“It started at the age of 11 with poetry and freestyling,” Rich told CULTURE regarding his humble beginnings in the world of rap. “It wasn’t until high school that I started to get serious about music. My dad had me listening to all the golden years of hip-hop back then. Those various styles of hip-hop inspire me today.”

“[Cannabis] has been the best thing ever in my eyes.”

Rich considers himself a musician in the general sense, without confining himself to categorization. “I don’t consider myself part of one set genre,” he said. “Music is music; I listen to and embrace all music and that’s not just to say some cliché bullshit, but the truth. I just love music.”

After the initial inspiration hit, Rich began to work on his career, and now has been rewarded with one of the most coveted record deals in the world of hip-hop. He will be releasing a new project entitled Balance around April 20, and he has already solidified his name as a well-respected local rapper.

In addition to his musical career, Rich is a cannabis enthusiast, and he is currently coming out with his own strain, Trev Treats HD-OG, which is exclusively sold at Next Harvest: The Dab Co. “Listen I’m not a heavy smoker, no Snoop Dogg here, but if I need to relax and zone out, I’ll puff on something,” Rich explained. “Weed can unlock the creative process when you’re stuck.”

He hasn’t used cannabis explicitly in his music as a theme, but feels that he does make good music for enjoying cannabis and has a knack for setting the mood to a smoke session.

“To me it’s more about vibe,” Rich stated. “I’m not a throw-it-in-your face artist. You can ride or listen to my music, twist something up and just vibe to it.”

“Weed can unlock the creative process when you’re stuck.”

Rich also strongly values legalization in Colorado, feeling that it protects innocent cannabis consumers from unfair persecution and harassment. “It has been the best thing ever in my eyes,” he explained. “From an economic standpoint and having the police harass me and my friends for small or large amounts of weed, it’s nice not to have that stress anymore. It has made the city relax, even though with legalization of marijuana the traffic and rent super sucks.”

Lookout for Rich’s new music this month, and stay tuned for special appearances and shows throughout the year.

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