Pineapple Sage

Available at Green Door in San Francisco.

Whoever named this strain was right on the money, as this flower tastes and smells just like its name. Tropical scents of pineapple are dancing with the fragrant aromas of sage, which are reminiscent of a campfire on the beach. Absolutely pristine in appearance, dense mossy green calyxes are covered in a forest of rust orange hair. Every single centimeter of these nugs has a candy-like coating of crystals even all the way down to the stem. Firm, but not dry, each bud is easy to handle and breaks down into well-textured pieces that are optimal for rolling. Motivation is easy to find when using this strain, as many report feelings of productivity and general optimism. Overall, it is very beneficial for combating anxiety. Cannabis lovers in the Bay Area can find Pineapple Sage over at Green Door in San Francisco.

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