Pineapple Express by Forte Farms

Available at Northwest Cannabis Connection in Puyallup.

Who doesn’t love the Pineapple Express? Whether we’re talking about the warm weather pattern that occasionally brings us almost-pleasant temperatures in Washington in the dead of winter, or the strain which brings you up and never lets you down, it’s hard to find fault. The Pineapple Express from Forte Farms lives up to the hype. This sample was an excellent prototype of the strain. The sativa-indica hybrid is a cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian, At first glance, you’ll notice the dense, lime green nugs, frosted with crystals. Taking a whiff of this flower may transport you to a tropical beach, with a rum punch in your hand, garnished with a slice of pineapple. After we put this flower in a water pipe, we noticed the flavor was consistent with the fragrance, with hints of sweet and tropical tasting pineapple. The effect was typical of a sativa with an electric, exhilarating, buzz that allows you to enjoy the happiness without being bogged down by the groggy heady effect of many indicas. It’s the perfect flower to enjoy before a workout or social gathering.

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