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Julie Hope Dooley; Featured Advocate

Name: Julie Hope Dooley Occupation: Founder of Julie’s Natural Edibles, Manufacturer of Infused Products in Denver When and how did you become an advocate for cannabis? Two times in my life, cannabis played a significant role. While I was in college and had the chance to follow the

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Profiles in Courage
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Getting Down and Dirty with Dude York

There are few bands that appeal to absolutely everybody. Queen, The Beatles and now, Dude York. Whether you’re starting college and need a soundtrack that’s upbeat and lets your classmates know you’re the coolest, or checking into a retirement home for the first time and looking to boogie with your newfound housemates, Dude York has what you need. Fun, perky and downright delightful, let Dude York warm you up from the inside out this

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    Paul Chesne likes to describe the music he and his band makes as “Dr. Dre meets Johnny Cash.” While that might come off as a bit of an odd choice


    Armed with a guitar, sometimes a drum machine, the help of local musicians and good friends, and a trio of cassette tapes and records emblazoned with

  • The Positive Push

    In the sunny state of Colorado, it’s hard not to keep a positive attitude and count your blessings every day. There’s legal cannabis, tons of

  • Get Your Head Bang On With VHS

    Like so many great Pacific Northwest bands, Violent Human System (VHS) began in a basement. Some of the greatest bands that the world has ever known

Strain, Edible & Concentrate
You Can Make Top Shelf Edibles

The highest quality cannabis chefs in the world have come to share some of their favorite recipes with you! These dishes will make your mouth water and will get your creative juices flowing into the kitchen. Sink your teeth in and enjoy these amazing recipes from the professional culinary masters