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Andrea Fasoli – Featured Advocate

Name: Andrea Fasoli Occupation: Communications Director When and how did you become an advocate for cannabis? I was 18 years old, traveling for the first time to Amsterdam for my high school senior trip, not knowing much about cannabis whatsoever. I was with two other friends, and when we

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A Taste of Americana

While Los Angeles County may be more well-known for its rock and roll and hip-hop exports, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the area also has healthy country music and bluegrass communities as well. Lately, Long Beach’s own Big Bad Rooster has been garnering praise and recognition all across California for its own distinct style of bluegrass, which blends the classic musical qualities of the genre with more modern lyrical topics and ideas.

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  • Psychedelic Sounds

    Xenolinguist means the study of alien languages. It is also the alternate name of Meg Hennessey who is a DJ, producer and music enthusiast. Cannabis

  • Doom in Denver

    Denver is always rife with slow, pounding music, possibly because cannabis lingers in the air. One of the scenes that makes great use of cannabis

  • Deafening Doom

    Since 2002, Suicide Silence has held a spot at the top of the metal world, having recreated metalcore with a heavier, death metal approach, coining

  • Laidback Life

    Long Beach Dub Allstars (LBDA) has been spreading the laid-back vibes of sunny beaches and reggae tunes around the globe since 1997. It is no secret

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