Oakor Slips – Medicated Peppermint Breath Strips


Available at various collectives throughout California.

Let’s be blunt; time is valuable, and the more multi-tasking we can do in this fast-paced era, the better. When medicating on the go comes into play, the ingenious technology of breath strips proves itself to be one outstanding option in the flourishing market of infused edibles. Compact, effective and with an additional complimentary function of freshening one’s breath, Oakor Slips are highly recommended to experience this notable moment in cannabis-infusion. The company offers 10mg sativa, 10mg indica and a 20mg extra strength hybrid option, all accessed in a discrete and highly compact 10-count container. Because the Slips are put under the tongue and absorbed, the consumer reaps the benefits of the delta 9 THC nearly immediately. Simply open the pack, remove the paper backing and place the breath strip underneath the tongue; within minutes, the Slip disappears, leaving noticeable and distinct full body effects. Reach for the sativa option to relax the nerves and percolate the mind before a creative conversation, or grab the indica option in order to target chronic pain.

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