By the Number November 2016

number-of-peopleBay Area

The approximate number of hours that it took for a presentation and public comment session regarding which cannabis businesses should be chosen for the remaining spots to operate a legal collective in Berkeley: 3 (Source: The Daily Californian)

The approximate number of people who attended a Cannabis Community Meeting held by Sonoma County Officials in early October to discuss a new land use ordinance: 200 (Source: The Press Democrat)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that San Jose-based MediMarts offered to give to the city as a “contribution” instead of a “tax”: 1.3 (Source: NBC Bay Area)

The number of sanctioned medical cannabis collectives that are allowed to operate in San Jose and also are allowed to deliver cannabis to a patient’s door: 16 (Source: The Mercury News)

The estimated number of cannabis plants that Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose grows on-site annually: 25,000 (Source: The Mercury News)


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the Colorado state surplus cannabis tax revenue fund currently contains: 66 (Source: The Denver Channel)

The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that the Colorado Department of Education is offering in grants per school per year for bully prevention, using cannabis tax revenue: 40 (Source: The Denver Channel)

The estimated percentage in electricity sales, that cannabis businesses use in Colorado and Washington: 1 (Source: EQ Research)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that was made in Colorado from medical and recreational sales in August 2016: 126 (Source: FOX 31 Denver)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that Colorado generated in cannabis taxes and fees in 2015: 135 (Source: Colorado General Assembly)

seminarLos Angeles

The approximate amount of money, in millions of dollars, that was made in California medical cannabis revenue between April 2015 to March 2016: 845 (Source: HDL Companies)

The minimum amount of money, in millions of dollars, that Measure N could bring to the city of San Bernardino, if approved: 18 (Source: The San Bernardino Sun)

The estimated number of people who attended a panel debate on the subject of cannabis initiatives in Long Beach prior to the election: 200 (Source: The Press-Telegram)

The percentage of sample voters in Laguna Beach who stated their support for Proposition 64 prior to the election: 63.7 (Source: Laguna Beach Independent)

The approximate number of signatures that were gathered by the United Cannabis Business Alliance to get the Los Angeles Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act on the March 2017 city ballot: 104,000 (Source: UCBA Trade Association)


The number of votes, out of 105, from the Michigan House in favor of imposing a new tax and establish a state licensing system to grow, process, sell, transport or test cannabis in the state of Michigan: 83 (Source: Stamford Advocate)

The increased number of Michigan cannabis patients with medical cards, as of October 2016, compared to the number of records issued in 2009 which was recorded at 4,398: 212,928 (Source: Macomb Daily)

The number of dispensaries that have closed in Detroit as a result of the city’s laws on medical cannabis: 60 (Source: WDET 101.9FM)

The maximum amount of medical cannabis, in ounces, that is allowed for possession in East Lansing for anyone 21 and over, as according to a newly passed city ordinance: 1 (Source: Lansing State Journal)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency predicts could be earned by the Michigan medical cannabis market if its prices and consumer trends are similar to Colorado: 711 (Source: Bridge)


The percentage of taxes made from recreational cannabis in Oregon that will be given to the Common School Fund: 40 (Source: Mail Tribune)

The percentage of Oregonian voters who think that legalizing recreational cannabis has had a positive impact on the state during the two years it has been legal: 61 (Source: The Oregonian)

The number of Oregon retail cannabis business licenses that were approved by the OLCC in late-September: 26 (Source: The Register-Guard)

The estimated number of businesses licensed by the OLCC that were prepared to begin selling recreational cannabis on the first day of sales, which was October 1: 12 (Source: Oregon Public Broadcasting)

The number of attendees who visited Chalice Farms in Northeast Portland to learn about the science behind cannabis: 80 (Source: Katu)

The percentage of Arizonans who favor cannabis legalization: 50 (Source: AZ Central)


The percentage of Mainers who favor legalizing cannabis for recreational use: 53 (Source: Portland Press Herald)

The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that hemp soap company Dr. Bronner’s donated to an Arizona pro-cannabis campaign: 100 (Source: AZ Central)

The percentage of Americans who support ending cannabis prohibition: 57 (Source: Pew Research Center)

The amount of cannabis, in ounces, that a person can now legally possess in Memphis, Tennessee after the city council agreed to reduce cannabis possession penalties: 0.5 (Source: WREG Memphis)

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