Northwest Cannabis Connection – Washington Store Highlight

Store Name: Northwest Cannabis Connection

Address: 11522 Canyon Rd. E, Puyallup

Phone: (253) 292-0444


Top-Selling Strain: Gorilla Glue #4

Top-Selling Concentrate: Dirty Girl from The Green Vault

Top-Selling Edible: SPOT Bakery Sativa Fruit Chews

How and when did your store start up?

We have been medical since 2010.  Because of our passion for the industry we opened Northwest Cannabis Connection in August 2016. We have grown quite a bit since we first opened the doors.

What’s the story behind the name of your recreational store?  

To reflect the beautiful area that we live in and the great cannabis industry we are a part of in the Pacific Northwest.

What does your store offer customers that they can’t find anywhere else?

We are a family-owned and operated business. Our budtenders and staff are outgoing and create a fun and friendly atmosphere. We have a large selection of products and feature a lot of well-established as well as new to the market cannabis brands. Medically endorsed, we offer a wide selection of CBD products such as edibles, tinctures, concentrates and a knowledgeable staff that takes the time to help you find the products that fit your needs.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this industry as a recreational store? Biggest joys?

There are many challenges because we are a new business in a new industry. At Northwest Cannabis Connection we strive to create a fun and memorable retail experience for our customers. Our staff enjoys interacting with other people in the industry as well as the great customers we see every day.  Our biggest joy is when the customer leaves happy!

What is the one thing you want customers to know about your store?

Our store is open and inviting, our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and we truly appreciate your business!

What is the most important thing you hope to accomplish while in the cannabis community?

We hope to help grow and establish the industry and to build the momentum towards full legalization.

Through setting the example, we can show how we can benefit and create a successful and prosperous industry.

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