Melissa Etheridge Says Cannabis is the Best Medicine for Marriage

Melissa EtheridgeCannabis’ aphrodisiac qualities have been explored by cannabis enthusiasts to a great extent. According to Melissa Etheridge, cannabis brings lovers together. The mother of four says cannabis has a positive impact on the relationship with her wife, Linda Wallem. Etheridge is participating with Yahoo’s new project, Weed & the American Family, which explores the many facets of cannabis in the lives of American families.

“Cannabis is the best marital aid,” Etheridge told Yahoo News. “It is good medicine for a relationship.” Etheridge now admits that she’s smoked recreationally throughout her entire music career—since the age of 21. The Grammy and Academy Award-decorated singer-songwriter is dabbling in the commercial cannabis industry with her new line of cannabis products called Etheridge Farms.

“Let’s get personal here,” she continued. “There are certain strains [of cannabis]—you get a nice indica on a Friday night when it’s date night, and it takes down your inhibitions. Your sexual desires are enhanced. I recommend this for relationships.” Etheridge says she wait until her two youngest kids have gone to be before lighting up with her wife.

Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. She was faced with chemotherapy and rounds of unhelpful pharmaceuticals. She performed hairless in front of thousands of people during her time going through chemo. At that time, she was introduced to medical cannabis by her friend David Crosby, who insisted that she try it. The star beat cancer with the help from medical cannabis. She’s been an outspoken and unapologetic cannabis activist ever since. She explained that cannabis’ only side effect is “euphoria.”

She’s also consumed cannabis with her two oldest children Beckett, 18 and Bailey, 20. The unconventional approach to family life is something that she’s proud of. By the sound of it, Etheridge and her wife are not quitting cannabis anytime soon.

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