Lemon Haze Vape Cartridge

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PureCure has its formula for a concisely flavored vape cartridge dialed in perfectly, and this Lemon Haze Vape Cartridge demonstrates that in every way. A bold fruit medley flavor is not dominated by citrus tastes; instead the lemon flavors accent the delicious fruity palate. This cartridge tested at 71 percent THC at Steep Hill Labs—any cartridge with that much THC content is worth checking out, especially when it looks as sleek as this one. Packaged inside of an easy-to-carry, recyclable cloth bag and a heavy duty tube that can also hold a battery, it’s a great cartridge for traveling. Most importantly, all PureCure products are made strictly using ethanol extraction techniques. This extraction process leads to a full terpene profile and more strain-particular effects present in the oil. Since ethanol is the solvent used for extraction, no carbonic acid is produced at all, creating one of the most pure and flavorful extracts on the market. Look no further than PureCure for a clean and reliable vape cartridge—the Lemon Haze flavor does not disappoint.

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