Hempress CBD & THC Stix

Available at H2C Cookies in Vallejo.

Each and every breath of Hempress CBD & THC Stix is more enchanting than the last! Balanced with the perfect CBD to THC ratio, it is a great choice at any time of the day. Hempress CBD & THC Stix is also ideal for those dealing with anxiety, insomnia or pain, due to its high level of CBD present. The buds are carefully selected and expertly rolled in hemp paper, which is then dipped in CBD oil and dusted in a cloud of kief. A smooth, earthy taste of the flowers compliment the sharp and pungent flavors from the surplus of kief, making a deep and full flavor profile. A picturesque pre-roll, Hempress knows exactly how to make a joint look more delicious than an ice cream cone. Use just a little bit at a time, as this is potent and will definitely have you feeling happy, pain-free and relaxed.

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