For the Love of It


ur industry is
constantly inspiring me. Coming into the glory that is cannabis has changed my
life in so many more ways than I expected. The healing power of this simple
plant has impacted my personal health in ways I will always be eternally
grateful for. But, the power and presence that this community has shown me—and
welcomed me with open arms—is beyond amazing. The stamina and solid
contribution that
CULTURE brings to
the industry gives me hope that eventually the rest of the world will see the
fascinating and wonderful value in this plant, both for our health as a global
population and for our economy.

In a time when we
didn’t know how we were going to salvage our American economy, medical and
recreational cannabis legalization offered states and the greater national
economy a way to save jobs, homes and lives—and this is only the beginning.

It makes me so
proud and happy to tell the world stories of the strong-willed survivors, the
movers and shakers, the industry moguls finding new breath in cannabis, the
legal freedom fighters, the outspoken activists and advocates and even the
underdogs. CULTURE Magazine is so
much more than just another magazine. It can be the saving light in a dark
tunnel, for some. It can be the validation for the oppressed and unsure. It can
be the turning point for skeptics. It can be a message of hope for the
uneducated and suffering. But, mostly it is a thorough and evolved expression
of our global cannabis community—something we all feel so passionate about—our

Working round the
clock, spending weekends and late nights perfecting every detail of this glossy
bundle of paper, this labor of love is made for you, our readers—this global
community.  Famously, another person who
preached the power and potential of cannabis is Bob Marley. As the epitome of
love, devotion and passion, Marley’s life was all about love and community and
togetherness. His family and his legacy live on in support of his ideologies,
and we stand with them, this 4/20, and every day. Let’s not forget what it’s
really all about—one love, one world, one life.

With love,

Evan A. Senn


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