Derby Bakery Clubhouse Mint Cookie

Available at Theraleaf in San Jose.

Wonderful minty flavors pair beautifully with this decadent chocolate chip cookie made by Derby Bakery. The Clubhouse Mint Cookie contains 260mg of THC in one scrumptious 60g cookie. Baked with only natural ingredients, there are no added preservatives, colors or dyes; just delicious natural ingredients and high-grade cannabis extract. Inside every bite, a rush of mint flavor cascades behind robust, chunky boulders of chocolate in a savory ocean of chocolate cookie dough. A buttery cake-like texture begs for the whole treat to be devoured in one sitting, but be cautious in doing so! The cookie is small but it sure packs a potent punch–best to be shared with a friend. Derby Bakery always crafts extremely effective edibles and the Clubhouse Mint Cookie clearly shows that.

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