Deafening Doom Suicide Silence continues to crush the metal scene

Since 2002, Suicide Silence has held a spot at the top of the metal world, having recreated metalcore with a heavier, death metal approach, coining the sub-genre known as deathcore. The band has always had an emotionally driven sound with elements of hardcore, bits of grind and death metal weaved throughout powerful breakdowns and chugging, spastic riffs.

Tragedy struck in 2012 when vocalist Mitch Lucker was killed in a motorcycle accident. But less than a year later the band regrouped and brought on close friend Eddie Hermida, a former vocalist of Northern California deathcore band All Shall Perish. Ever since then, Suicide Silence has continued Lucker’s legacy, by releasing two full-length albums and touring across the world, with no plans of stopping anytime soon. CULTURE caught up with guitarist Mark Heylmun to talk about how cannabis positively affects his life.

“I am thinking of starting a nursery and maybe my own type of genetics.”

How did growing and horticulture helped you deal with the grieving process of losing Mitch?

Yeah, when the shit went down with Mitch, I shifted my energy towards horticulture and growing. I was not sure what I was going to be doing; it was, as you can imagine, a very tough, painful and emotional time. But, tons of my friends grow, and so I got into it really heavy. I used that time to divert my attention and do something productive, and it helped me out a lot; I basically became obsessed and genuinely felt like another hobby like playing guitar. I loved it and can honestly attest to the fact that it helped me through those tough times.

Tell us about the award-winning edible you were involved in making.

Oh yeah, it was at the Caviar Gold Expo Show thing a few years back. A buddy and I made some edibles called Sinful Bites, which were gluten-free cinnamon rolls; it was a one-time thing only, but yeah we won it. It was awesome each little mini-roll had 25mg of THC and people loved it. I liked baking and being involved but honestly, it got to the point where I couldn’t really hang. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the growing and horticulture side of the scene but not the business side; I am not trying to dive too hard into that aspect. I am more interested in the flower, and I would like to develop strains but I am not a businessman and am not looking for any glory in that regards. I just play music and love the plant.

“Horticulture and music aren’t a team sport; do it on your own with people you love and trust.”

What is your favorite way to indulge in cannabis?

I always smoke a bong load. I love one or two good bong rips; it’s always the best. Some strains I love are Blue Dream, Sour Tangie, OG Kush, there are just too many to name. When it comes to strains of herb, it’s never-ending, so there are many amazing strains just like music it’s limitless.

Where is the best herb you’ve ever smoked on the planet?

I would have to say hands down, the best weed ever is in Prague in the Czech Republic. We were there years ago. It’s very tolerated there, but there is weed all over Prague.

What is some advice you would give to novice growers or those aspiring to work in horticulture?

Well, number one is to be humble, go to all the expos and conventions know the basics before anything, meet people. If you have a green thumb just go for it, which is the same advice as I give to those in a band. Horticulture and music aren’t a team sport; do it on your own with people you love and trust.

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