• Platinum Romulan

    Available at 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center in Richmond. Right off the bat, Platinum Romulan knocks consumers’ socks off with its out-of-this-world aroma. Upon the first whiff of the

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  • Golden State Banana

    Available at The Green Door in San Francisco. The Green Door in San Francisco is currently carrying one of the best fruity buds in the Bay Area, the Golden State Banana. Tested by the

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  • Jack Herer

    Available at Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose. Potentially one of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world, Jack Herer has won so many different awards throughout the years that we

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  • Bubblegum Cookies

    Available wherever Theraleaf Relief in San Jose.  Nitrogen sealed packaging allows Bubblegum Cookies to maintain its unique flavor and scent better than any other kind of packaging. This

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  • GDP

    Available at California Collective Care in Vallejo.  The Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) strain available at California Care Collective (CCC) is a serious throwback to one of the greatest and most

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  • Ringos Gift

    Available at Dispensaries throughout California. Demonstrating a ceaseless commitment to designing a superior line of cannabis products, W Vapes has delivered a high-quality, full flower,

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  • Dankies

    Available wherever Happy Seed Edibles products are carried.  A munchie staple of the cannabis counterculture since the ‘90s, the Twinkie has finally made its way onto the market in the

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Strain, Edible & Concentrate
International 420 Party Cuisine

This 420, we want to party hard—and we deserve it. It’s been a rough year so far, but one of the best things about our society is the amazing diversity and melting pot of people and cultures all around us. International canna-cuisine is rising in popularity, as is the high-end culinary delights