• CBD Yummy by Oleum

    Available wherever Oleum products are carried. It’s flu season! It’s also arthritis flare-up, injure yourself snowboarding and slip on the sidewalk season. Lucky for us, our friends at

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  • Pineapple Express by Forte Farms

    Available at Northwest Cannabis Connection in Puyallup. Who doesn’t love the Pineapple Express? Whether we’re talking about the warm weather pattern that occasionally brings us

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  • Grape Ape

    Available at CNE Bakersfield in Bakersfield. Few strains look as menacing as Grape Ape and even fewer have the ability to stand up to its powerful stress, anxiety and pain-relieving

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  • Big Al’s Platinum OG Crumble

    Available at Healthy Healing in Bakersfield. Crumble may be one of the most difficult forms of wax for patients new to using a “dab” method at home. But, anyone skilled enough to handle

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  • Double Tangie By Gaia Farms

    Available at Cannibal’s Medibals Collective in Bakersfield. Cannibal’s Medibals Collective in Bakersfield always has stellar taste in the products and people it does business with and

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  • VCT Shatter

    Available at Vital Care Center in Bakersfield. Peel apart the dark, tan-colored parchment paper, and admire the brilliance of this caramel-tinted shatter. The taste is subtle and leaves your

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  • TetraLabs Pure Gold Squeeze Tube

    Available at Alternative Patient Care in San Diego. The Pure Gold Squeeze Tube by TetraLabs employs a unique method with their capsulated cannabis oil that is perfect for dabbing or as a vape

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Strain, Edible & Concentrate
Sweet Beginnings to Start Your New Year Off Right

Every once in a while, I take my mornings off and wake and bake; and, when I say “wake and bake,” I literally mean I wake up at 7am, preheat the oven and start baking (of course while smoking my morning joint). Here are three recipes I enjoy on these special occasions that are delicious,