• Lockable Turtle Totes

    You don’t have to stash your cannabis in unattractive, boring containers anymore. If you’re looking for a cute and fun alternative, the Lockable Turtle Totes are a great alternative for

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  • Mato Naturals Lavender Lilac Eye Pillow

    The Mato Naturals Lavendar Lilac Eye Pillow brings aromatic bliss that has been known to help ease migraines, headaches and anxiety. If you’re trying to rest or practice yoga, it is the perfect

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  • Strain Tracker by Green Flower Media

    This Strain Tracker will help newbies and seasoned pros of cannabis consumption track what cannabis strains truly work best for their needs. Discover various cannabis strains, and track which

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  • Fresh Baked Apron

    This adorable apron will let everyone know that when you’re in the kitchen, you mean business—canna-business that is. This Fresh Baked Apron is every cannabis consumer’s favorite color, and

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  • Cannabis Sativa Vintage Print

    Whether you are a lover of vintage prints or really just love collecting cool cannabis décor, then this colorful print is one you may like to hang on your wall. Not everyone’s office is as

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  • Chewy Grinder

    Long gone are the days of carrying around a heavy metal cannabis grinder! Now, technology proves once again that it makes our lives much easier, and with an portable electric grinder like Chewy

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Sweet Beginnings to Start Your New Year Off Right

Every once in a while, I take my mornings off and wake and bake; and, when I say “wake and bake,” I literally mean I wake up at 7am, preheat the oven and start baking (of course while smoking my morning joint). Here are three recipes I enjoy on these special occasions that are delicious,