• Faerie Nebula Pendant

      With the beauty of one million galaxies, this gorgeous piece of jewelry will certainly make your Valentine fall in love all over again. The Faerie Nebula is a celestially inspired necklace,

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  • ErrlyBird ™ Torch by @HappyTokes

    Every faithful dabber knows that having your own butane torch can be a very important investment. Now you can dab in style with this special butane torch by ErrlyBird ™. CULTURE writer and

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  • BEST BUDS Cannabis Necklace

    Who needs a Valentine’s Day date when your best friend is your favorite person to hang out with any day of the week? Celebrate your bestie love, and gift your number one bud one-half of this

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  • Romantic Bong Lapel Pin

    This pin literally reminds us what a grandma from the ’60s would do if she found one of her son’s water pipes hidden in the closet—it’s a vase, right? If you’re looking for a unique way

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  • The Chelsea

    Every girl (or guy) needs a go-to bag that can carry everything from office goodies to cannabis essentials. In the case that you do need to travel straight from work to your favorite smoke spot,

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  • Cannabis Oil Winter Skin Care Kit

    Cannabis and hemp oils are notoriously great when used as skincare products for various reasons. These products have been reported as truly effective for protecting skin, preventing rashes,

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  • Bad Bitch Club Herb Grinder

    Why rely on a cold metal grinder, when this amazing two-piece grinder comes with an exclusive membership to the “bad bitch” club? Okay, so maybe the club is more of an essence than an actual

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  • Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer

    From newbies to experienced cannabis consumers, this brand-new device is a great option for anyone looking for many hours of vaping. We know from personal experience that when we attend weddings

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Fall in Love Again

For Valentine’s Day, reservations and going out on the town to make some kind of special night for your special someone can be fun, but it can also be a headache and a hassle. Consider swapping the night out for a night in, and have some fun at home. You can spend intimate time together cooking