• Liner Notes | January 2017

    Marvel and hip-hop are doing big things together. JAY Z, KANYE WEST and VIC MENSA all had their work in some way inspire the variant cover artwork of recent Marvel issues. The new issue of Mighty

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  • Liner Notes | December 2016

    The last month—hell, the last year—has been one of massive upheavals. There was the unlikely election of President-elect Trump. There was the passing of a musical legend, LEONARD COHEN. People

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  • Liner Notes | October 2016

    When Friedrich Nietzsche talked about the “eternal return of the same,” he was talking about pop culture, right? Inundated with sequels at the box office, reunion shows on TV (e.g. Fuller House),

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  • Liner Notes | September 2016

    Everybody wants a piece of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Whether its fans begging for another version of the “History of Rap” that he and Jimmy Fallon perform on The Tonight Show or it's the Supreme Court,

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  • Liner Notes| August 2016

    “Now wouldn’t it be just as ridiculous to pay two fiddle players a different wage because one of them is male and one is female?” JACK WHITE asked at a press conference about gender equality.

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  • Liner Notes| June 2016

      I’d like to depart from the normal format of this column for a moment. That is to say, you will not find music industry news in the following paragraphs. Instead, I want to address

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  • Liner Notes| May 2016

      Hamilton. Hamilton. Hamilton. This is probably what your Facebook feed looks like. This is the clarion call of the amalgamation of blogs and sites dedicated to everything from music to

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  • Liner Notes| April 2016

    Manchester, England: The Detroit of England. Or is it Liverpool? Anyway, it’s got a lot of bricks and used to have a lot of industry. Nothing cool happens there anymore, right? Wrong. KENDRICK

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