• Industry Insider || Bhang Chocolate

    The first time Scott Van Rixel walked into a medical cannabis dispensary and observed the quality of edible products, he was disappointed. The brownies for sale appeared as if they had been

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  • Industry Insider || G FarmaLabs

     For Ata Gonzalez, timing is everything. He got out of the Miami real estate market right before the 2008 crash and made a bundle. Then he lost his bundle when he tried to start a music

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  • Name: Top Shelf Medicinal Address: 13724 Canyon Rd. E., Puyallup, 98373 Website: topshelfmedicine.com Phone: (541) 389-1043 Interviewed: Top Shelf Owners, Management and

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  • Industry Insider || LivWell

    John Lord may be the largest producer and seller of legal cannabis in the nation, but until a few years ago, he had never even tried cannabis. He made his money selling baby products. What began with

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Strain, Edible & Concentrate
International 420 Party Cuisine

This 420, we want to party hard—and we deserve it. It’s been a rough year so far, but one of the best things about our society is the amazing diversity and melting pot of people and cultures all around us. International canna-cuisine is rising in popularity, as is the high-end culinary delights