California White Wine Harlequin

Available wherever Revive Organics products are carried.

Lovers of high-grade cannabis and fine wine can finally rejoice since Revive Organics has released its California White Wine Harlequin. An exquisite white wine produced in conjunction with Katoa Cellars exhibits light and airy notes of fruit complemented by a subtle taste of cannabis. Easy-to-drink and full of potency, there really isn’t more to ask for in a wine. Bearing an approximately 14 percent alcohol content matched with 200mg of a THC/CBD blend, this wine can hold its own with any other potent edible on the market. The proprietary blend consists of OG Kush Concentrate and Harlequin Concentrate, both organically grown strains. Fans of quality and luxury at a surprisingly fair price will love everything Revive Organics offers from this white wine to other impressive wines and decadent chocolates.

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