July 2, 2013 05:42

Grand Daddy Urkel

Grand Daddy Urkel gives me a sunny day, feel good, happy-happy experience. It relieves pain and motivates me in the nicest way—definitely worth the drive to Ann Arbor Wellness. Three fat buds smell like skunky berries and look like they’ve been rolled in sugar. It’s hard to see through the trichomes to the colors of the bud. We even had to take the grinder to it to release the color and appreciate the deep purple buds. Like jewels. The draw is clean and fruity with a skunky aftertaste, and immediately brightens in the head and chest. It’s uplifting, and dissipates depression so that not only is everything, like, totally cool, but you also get your stuff done. All of it. And do so with a smile. GDU is a 60-percent indica/40-percent sativa hybrid, with Big Bud and Urkel parents. Good for nausea, pain and insomnia.

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