July 2, 2013 05:23

Bear Necessities Suckers

What we love about medical cannabis infused suckers is that they make medication titration a snap. Just suck on one until the desired effect is achieved and set the rest aside for later. Nothing simpler. And these Bear Necessities sativa suckers make the simple amazingly cute because, hello, they come in the shape of a smiling teddy bear. Does anyone not like teddy bears? Anyway, this one is well made, not too sweet and not too bland. What’s more, it’s higher in CBD than it is in THC and it’s an excellent choice for a daytime medication. From Royal Green in Tacoma, we found this sucker produced pain relief at 30 minutes and, thankfully, did not introduce any distractions into our mind, so it’ll be a good daytimer for patients with anxiety issues. We hear it’s also good for migraines.

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