April 3, 2013 06:46

Deadhead OG

There’s nothing Valley Girl about this hybrid from Top Choice Wellness Center in Maple Valley. Instead of being all trashy and teasing, this 60/40 indica dominant cross between San Fernando Valley Kush (an early OG Kush variant) and Chem Dawg provides impactful pain relief that, in our experience, lasts a full two hours. Deadhead OG (the Deadhead bit comes from one of the legends around Chem Dawg’s passage out into the world) is also excellent at treating anxiety and insomnia. In looks, it’s a classic OG Kush with its medium green buds and red hairs, but it sure does have Chem Dawg’s strong THC kick to it. This is definitely an evening or late-night strain that also works well to induce appetite.

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