April 3, 2013 05:55

Platinum Sour Diesel

Would a Diesel by any other name sound as sweet? No, not if Platinum is involved. This shatter from Native Roots Apothecary in Denver is freaking gorgeous, looking more like shards of orange candy than concentrate. Clear golden amber chunks broke up easily from the small plastic container, which made it a joy to work with, even if it is slightly sticky to the touch of a warm hand. Please, don’t cool your hands. The flavor is straight up D, like you were working as an old timey gas station attendant and had a nozzle malfunction. The effects were similar, too: this is a real body-mover, putting some spring in your step as you tackle the day. We did notice that a big dab can leave you a little anxious, so avoid the Platinum Sour Diesel before bed—if you want to sleep, that is.

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