Feb. 7, 2013 12:30

Hempology 101: The History and Uses of Cannabis Sativa 4th Edition

Hempology 101: The History and Uses of Cannabis Sativa 4th Edition

By Ted Smith

The International Hempology 101 Society

To  bring us up to date on the history of cannabis, author Ted Smith takes us waaaaay back in time when ancient civilizations (not surprisingly) revered the plant’s psychological, physiological and spiritual properties just as much as we do today. And while Smith does a great job detailing how cannabis figured prominently in Vedic, Mesopotamian and Hellenistic traditions, Hempology 101 is no dry, imposing academic tome suited for clinical scholarship. Rather, it’s a coherent plainspeak examination of virtually every facet of the plant’s existence: from the “Hemp For Victory” era, the many uses, products and materials (“hempcrete?”) that can be derived from the plant, its links to counterculture and—surprise, surprise—its medical benefits. Well-researched and with informative flair, Hempology 101 does an intensely readable job of boiling down the ins and outs of cannabis sativa clearly and intelligently.

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