Feb. 6, 2013 06:11

Plush Berry

Opening up a jar of Plush Berry is a treat. Before I even touched the meds, I picked up on the strain’s strong black-cherry scent and musky overtones. Plush Berry is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain grown from TGA Subcool Seeds, and can be found at Meme’s Green Dream in Burton and Michigan Chronic Relief in Detroit. Plush Berry’s parent strains are Blackcherry Soda and Space Queen. The dense buds are covered with abundant burnt orange pistils, woven throughout the heavily trichomed, dark-green leaves; a visual feast from the start. Squeezing the buds expose another layer of highly crystallized trichomes, revealing light-green leaves underneath. Smoking Plush Berry using a water pipe brings out the subtle berry flavors and accentuates the creamy finish. There’s an immediate head buzz, a slightly skunky rush. Considering its indica-dominance, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this strain didn’t trigger my anxiety—which is fantastic—but it did make me chatty and happy. Note to self: don’t smoke the Plush Berry too close to bedtime. That happy motivation lasts about an hour, and then I go find my jammies and couch. But if insomnia is a complaint, PB is great for sleep, about three hours after consuming. Body effects kick in after about five minutes; clearing out joint pain and releasing tight muscles. I also found this strain to work quite well on my chronic pain and stress.

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