Feb. 6, 2013 06:10

San Fernando Valley OG Kush

San Fernando Valley OG Kush strain—from Canna Cure in Ypsilanti—s ridiculously frosty. It looks like it was dropped into the sugar bowl and generously rolled around. Although our sample was quite dry, the tight, thick buds released an earthy lemon smell when squeezed. I cannot stress enough how sugary this strain is. It’s gorgeous. A 90-percent indica strain (grown from Cali Connection seeds) with OG Kush and Afghani #1 parents, this baby gives immediate pain relief that lasts for about two hours. I used a glass pipe for this medicine and was grateful: no harsh hits or coughing afterwards; it’s quite smooth. The pain relief effects were immediate (keep in mind, I’m a patient who mainly eats edibles), and they worked equally well on muscle spasms. The body/head effects are about 60/40—and the euphoria helps with pain as well. Despite this strain being a heavy indica, the initial effects were uplifting, to be followed by sleepy time three hours out. As far as anxiety goes, San Fernando OG Kush quickly swept that away. Overall, this strain gifted me with lovely body pain relief and calming effects. It is a lovely sight to behold, and well worth the trip to Ypsilanti.

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