Feb. 6, 2013 06:09

Gayle’s Valentine’s Goodie Box

Receiving this box of chocolate edibles made up for the last 17 years worth of crappy Valentine’s presents. Made by Gayle’s Ganja Goodies and available at Club Medz in Flint, each of these five different pieces of candy is made with 22 percent active cannabutter. With such per-candy high potency, these chocolates are carefully crafted and deliver powerful medicating effects. The candies are available individually or packaged. These candies are strong. I’m a chronic pain patient and was thrilled to find that Gayle’s Ganja Goodies Chocolates are not only strong enough to counter my relentless pain, but consistent enough in dosage to maintain relief all day. The extent of the cannabis taste varies, but should be able to accommodate every patient’s palate. Folks who like that robust “green” taste with their meds will love the Milk Chocolates and Peanut Clusters. Patients who’d rather go without tasting the butter will enjoy the White Chocolates (which I don’t usually prefer, but these were scrumptious). The Dark Chocolate Raspberry treats are my favorite, with lovely, gooey red raspberry filling and enough medicine for several hours of relief. Valentine’s Day is this month so give the gift of chocolate—and healing. It’s the perfect give for someone you love. Including YOU!

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