Feb. 6, 2013 06:08

Blueberry Hash

We really like this sativa-dominant hybrid of two classic Northwest strains, Hash Plant and Blueberry, because it delivers strong painkilling and anti-anxiety effects that kick in immediately. That’s our kind of medical cannabis! Blueberry Hash—from Rainier Valley’s Tree House Collective—also is a bit unusual for sativa-dominants in that while being quite activating, it also offers a low-key sense of euphoria without the distraction-induction of many sativas. So you can medicate and actually complete tasks. Even better, it levels out Hash Plant’s harshness on the palette (the strain is well-known for its “coughiness”) and turns it into a mellow, fruity smoke. Neither parent strain is a huge odor bomb, and together they result in a medium green flower with a gentle berry smell. But we’ve always said that cannabis does not need to be odoriferous in order to produce a medical effect. This strain certainly proves that principle.

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