Feb. 6, 2013 06:07

Buddha’s Gift

We all know why we like indicas, right? This preference is obviously tied to the genotype’s consistent ability to reduce pain and inflammation, and drive off anxiety while inducing euphoria and induce sleepiness. This hybrid of two wonderful indica-dominant strains (The Gift and God Bud) and an excellent Thai-based sativa (Buddha) does all the things you would want an indica to do—and it does them well. We found painkilling effects lasting 90 minutes and a certain drowsiness setting in. Nosed closely, Buddha’s Gift has a gorgeous but not overpowering purple smell, courtesy of The Gift’s Grand Daddy Purple lineage. It’s pleasant to smoke as well. This strain, from Emerald Pharms in Tacoma’s South End, isn’t well-known or referenced much on the Internet. Something tells us that will soon change . . .

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