Feb. 6, 2013 06:05

Cloud 9 Cannabis Cotton Candy

We’ve long been leery of cannabis-infused cotton candy because, to be brutally honest, we have run into many examples that were great candy but offered very little medical effect. So we were pleasantly surprised when this medible company’s offering actually delivered good, deep pain relief from only a half-dosage with a strong effect for two hours. Each dose of Cloud 9 Cannabis Cotton Candy—available in Snohomish County—contains 500 milligrams of kief (making us wonder what the heck was or wasn’t in those other cotton candies), and is one of the few edibles we’ve tried that let us function normally during the daytime. Less experienced patients may want to reserve this for evening use until they become accustomed to strong meds, however. It’s also an effective treatment for spasms, migraines and anxiety.

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