Feb. 6, 2013 06:02

Aunties Edibles Root Beer Drops

Next time someone says smoked marijuana isn’t medicine, politely show them of these. Aunties Edibles continues to lap the pack with these exceptional Root Beer Drops, a medicated hard candy perfect for the plant-averse, over-60 set. Aunties Edibles’ makes her root beer drops from boiled syrup that is flavored and medicated with hybrid cannabis tincture. Each root beer drop contains 120-150 milligrams of cannabinoids. Patients suck on the drops like a lozenge, and the hybrid cannabis treats arthritis pain, back pain, Alzheimer’s-related dementia insomnia and chemotherapy pain and many other symptoms. The taste of root beer is spot-on, and medicinal notes of sassafras/sarsaparilla/root beer mask the tincture’s mildly burnt, resin-y undernote. Since the liver makes ingested THC more potent, suck on perhaps half a drop and wait 90 minutes to judge effects, which can include drowsiness.

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