Feb. 6, 2013 06:00

Lion OG

Green Acres in Santa Cruz has a rangy, wild Lion from Zion on its hands, and for you size queens, these are easily the most voluminous buds of the monthly batch. Reportedly a mix of Jamaican OG and OG Kush, Lion OG spreads out like its Jamaican ancestor, yet it’s also dense like an OG thanks to the SFV OG genetics in the Jamaican OG, as well as the downline OG re-cross. These nugs smell like a grassy, sandalwood-esque sativa (see Lamb’s Bread), but get minty and piney when ground. This strain smokes light, with an OG finish, and reportedly increases feelings of well-being without causing drowsiness or the elevated pulse associated with other strains. Snoop Lion (née Dogg) would certainly appreciate the name, and patients certainly appreciate its middle of the road, nicely even, 50-50 hybrid effects, which can lessen pain, lift mood and encourage appetite.

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