Feb. 6, 2013 05:59

Miami White

We’re ready to get tropical when we pop the top on this fruity hybrid from Buddy’s in San Jose. A reported cross of Florida White Widow and Northern California OG Kush, Miami White is a strong hybrid highly sought after by patients suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. Unlike other, less savory, powdery white products from Miami, this Miami White shouldn’t keep you up late. Parent White Widow is a ’90s hit hybrid known for its sweetness and THC production while contemporary classic OG Kush tends to lean indica. Miami White smells sharp, tart, tropical and sweet with classic Kush and licorice undernotes. Lime green with orange pistils, these rocks are caked with THC, and break apart like a Chem 4. Miami White smokes sweet and piney like a Jack Herer with that satisfying Chemdog/OG Kush lemon-solvent finish. Finally, some good news from Florida.

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