Feb. 6, 2013 05:58

FlintStoned Fruit Crisp

It’s hard to go wrong with a bowl of cereal—the sheer childhood memories alone make this a go-to snack and breakfast. Sense of Healing in Denver has figured out how to deliver a favorite food memory with a healthy dose of cannabis in its FlintStoned Fruit Crisp, taking us back to Saturday morning cartoons—minus the spoon. We were impressed with how well the crunch held up in the rice cereal, as it’s held together with a chewy layer of medicated marshmallow, combining two great textures in one sweet treat. The fluff actually helps mellow out the cereal’s sugariness. Patient warning: This crisp will turn your milk into one cool rainbow. The use of cannabutter is nice as well, and is almost completely disguised—none of that astringent-like aftertaste that hash oil medicated products can. At 50mg a piece, our reviewers felt comfortable splitting one in half, feeling the effects for several hours after an initial lull for digestion. Those with higher tolerance found that a whole crisp wasn’t overwhelming, being pleasantly surprised with the effect vs. milligrams. Almost like finding a toy in the bottom of the box.

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