Feb. 6, 2013 05:57

The Growing Kitchen Fantastic Brownie

Let’s face it: we could all stand to eat a little better. By now, most of us have given up on that New Year’s resolution, resorting back to our hedonistic ways. Oh, not you, you say? Well, check out one of The Growing Kitchen’s Fantastic Brownies that Rocky Mountain Miracles in Colorado Springs treated us to. Dairy-free and 100 percent organic, The Growing Kitchen offers a refreshing take on an old favorite, with cage-free eggs and aluminum-free baking powder. We weren’t even aware the latter was a thing and giggled when we imagined tiny cages for the former. The end product, however, is one of the best in its class. For starters, it’s the perfect density for a brownie, and it’s not overly sweet with dark chocolate chips and a hint of cinnamon that compliment the light cannabis flavor quite well. The size is perfect (it could double as a small birthday cake), because at 100mg you’re not forced to nibble at a corner before putting it down for fear of over-medicating. What we really love, however, is that this brownie is available as a sativa and an indica—and they’re regularly tested at Rm3 Labs. We’ll be heading out to the farm soon.

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