Feb. 6, 2013 05:55

Larry OG

If there were ever candidates for a medical cannabis card, the Three Stooges would qualify sight unseen. And if they were ever genetically crossed with a medical plant, you’d have to say that Larry would make the best strain, with his crazy hairs sprouting out every which way, right? Luckily, it will never have to come to that, because RiverRock Wellness (with two Denver locations) has a far superior idea: Larry OG. Grown from seeds from Swerve and the famed Cali Connection, we were immediately drawn to the light green, slender branches in the jar that could easily poke an eye out if you weren’t careful. OG as Vaudeville itself (if OG didn’t stand for “Ocean Grown”), this is perfect for those into the citrus-like, piney rubber scent so characteristic of a traditional Kush. This strain definitely hit us over the head. You won’t be up to any Three Stooges hijinks either, as this strain has incredibly powerful sedative effects. One reviewer noted he could have fallen asleep face-down in a pie, something we do not recommend, even if we wished we had one handy.

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