Feb. 6, 2013 05:55

Hong Kong Diesel

Sometimes we just can’t resist a name. When we saw Hong Kong Diesel on the shelf at Denver’s Walking Raven, we expected a DVD of the latest Fast & Furious spinoff. “Look, Vin finally muscled his way into the title,” we quipped. What we walked out with was absolutely no joke—a combination of coastal powerhouses in Hong Kong and NYC Diesel. Listed as a 50/50 hybrid, the distinctive China red hairs sprout out behind the occasional Castrol green leaves. A meticulous cure left the nugs as some of the stickiest of the ickiest we’ve sampled in a while, feeling like grease monkeys as we searched for a shop rag to get the resin off our fingers. The aroma and flavor are straight Diesel, fumes wafting up from our pockets like we had an accident at the pump. Be ready to drift through your day, as we found serious pain relief for those dull winter aches, similar to a good stretch after a long car ride. A couple reviewers noted it was great for their daily workout, although they preferred yoga to pumping iron. We can’t all be muscle-bound action stars, right?

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