Feb. 6, 2013 05:54

Amsterdam Hydro White Widow

For many years, Amsterdam was the mecca for cannabis aficionados, drawing travelers from around the world to partake inside of smoky “coffee shops.” But the conservative government has tightened restrictions on “pot tourism,” limiting the amount of herb that can be distributed and banning alcohol sales. Feeling on the nostalgic side, we picked up a Dutch cult classic—Amsterdam Hydro White Widow—from Holistic Life and Rocky Mountain MMJ, both in Lakewood. The name has little to do with the family line (Brazilian and Indian, respectively) and more to do with the incredible amount of trichomes that cling to every calyx like that snowy tree branch that busted up your windshield. Spicy, yet slightly fruity, the exhale is similar to a vat of strawberry Fruit Roll-Up goo that an intern accidently dropped a pepper shaker into. Though this strain’s appearance would lead you to believe the Widow is strictly an indica, the 60-percent sativa provides a pleasant initial head buzz that shouldn’t be wasted alone. Social by nature, you may lose track of conversations as the energy can be frenetic at times, like a barista making one-too-many lattes. Tot ziens, Amsterdam! Hallo, Holistic Life!

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