Feb. 6, 2013 05:50

Trikom Treats S’Mores Brownie

For some patients, brownies are simply passé. Been there done that. Well, those patients obviously never had the privilege of sampling the Trikom Treats S’mores Brownie, available at Cannasseur’s Best Collective in Garden Grove. Set aside all preconceived notions about baked goods because this edible outdoes them all—heck, its label even includes a “Born On” date. It’s a dense, sticky, icky, gooey, ooey square of decadent, rich divinity that begs to be consumed in one sitting—but don’t. Infused with 94.3mg of THC, 2.3mg of CBN and 0.9mg of CBN (canna butter tested by The Werc Shop), this is medicine in its sweetest form that delivers deep, penetrating body relief for at least four hours after the effects kick in. For newbie patients, consume one-quarter brownie at a time and gauge the effects (a good balance between head and body) carefully. Patient beware: we experienced some über-serious red eyes that no eye drops could vanquish after eating this brownie, so keep that in mind should discretion be important. This tasty morsel is delish, so you may fooled into thinking it’s not medicated . . . but it is . . . oh, it is.

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