Feb. 6, 2013 05:49

Big Sur Holy Weed

Let’s take a moment to tip our hats to Jade Lotus Society in Garden Grove for serving up one of the best-named strains we’ve seen in a while—seriously, Big Sur Holy Weed is a very cool name. Thank the big holy gods that it’s also a hell of a good variety, as tasty as it is psychoactive, because it would have been a shame to waste such a great name on bad bud. A 60-percent-sativa hybrid, Big Sur Holy Weed has a rich and airy flavor that can only be described by the feelings it evokes: It tastes the way a pristine beach on a foggy morning feels. If you don’t believe it, try it and experience it for yourself. The buds are spiky and light, hued a uniformly dark-olive green and slightly sticky to the touch. It burns hot and clean, making for perfect, fat joints that won’t go out until you put them out. The effects are heavy and deliciously euphoric, striking just the right balance between energized and sedated. We put Big Sur Holy Weed in the category of “happy” strains—pleasing, positive and uplifting. That’s good medicine to take if you’re dealing with anxiety or clinical depression, or just the low spirits that can come with illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, severe arthritis or glaucoma. It’s also a powerful appetite stimulant, and great for patients with HIV/AIDS or undergoing cancer therapies.

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