Feb. 6, 2013 05:48

Platinum Limón

For a strain with a name conjuring shades of silver, yellow and green, this pure indica from Herb Town Collective in Riverside is a dank and dusky beauty with an unmistakable tint of purple to it. The “platinum” comes from its fine coating of milky trichomes, and it’s that powdered-sugar dusting that gives Platinum Limón its extreme kick. Another remarkable quality to its appearance is the abundance of dark hairs in each nug , so much so that the buds have a mottled dove’s egg appearance—as a whole, the variety seems almost as much mahogany as pale green. The buds are big and weighty, about the size of a Brazil nut. The flavor is sharply citrusy and herbal at once, akin to cloves soaked in lemon essence. Once you get past that crisp, tart bouquet, this strain’s deep-seated effects come on fast and hard, lasting an extraordinarily long time; becoming not a break from but an active part of your day. As we’ve come to expect and demand from Platinum varieties, the effect has the electric overtones of a sativa to it—as strong as couch-lock medicine, but without the need for a couch. The strength and long-lasting nature of Platinum Limón makes it ideal for patients with chronic pain, such as that associated with nerve damage, cancer, MS, back injuries and severe PMS.

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