Feb. 6, 2013 05:47

Oceanside OG

We confess that this original house favorite of Oceanside Wellness Center in Granada Hills took us completely by surprise. Its name is so unassuming and the suggested donation for it so reasonable that it was a shock to discover its flavor and intensity are better than some of the most famous strains on the market (think Train Wreck or AK-47). A 100-percent indica, Oceanside OG is gifted with a stone that literally knocks you off your feet for a good three or four hours after just one bowl. That’s a great thing to happen when you’re in for the night and in need of solid pain relief and not so great when you’re behind the wheel of a large, moving vehicle, so consume wisely. Of course, the lovely aesthetics of the variety should have been our first clue. Pear-shaped and densely packed, Oceanside OG’s buds are the color of frosted spearmint shot throughout with large pockets of burnt sienna. The aroma and taste have a rose perfume quality to them, so much so that a good alternative name for it could have been Green Rose. The buzz is silky and somnambulistic—a dreamy, edge-free sensation not unlike that of drifting off on a bed of pillows. Keep this baby on hand for those nights when arthritis pain is severe, or when suffering from migraines, insomnia or serious muscle and back problems.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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