Jan. 30, 2013 04:14

Silent No More!!!!

Cult cannabis duo Jay & Silent Bob ready to battle it out in Boulder!

In the pantheon of great stoner duos, Jay & Silent Bob are second only to Cheech & Chong. The character of Jay, played by Jason Mewes, created a lexicon of stoner quotables and logic in the films of writer-director Kevin Smith, who plays the more stoic Silent Bob. Though he will soon retire from film directing, Smith’s characters live on through the Jay and Silent Bob podcast, which comes to Boulder Feb. 1 for a live event dubbed the POTcast.

“It will be the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast, but that night will be heavily themed toward weed,” explains Smith. “The shows are always drug themed because we talk about Jason Mewes’ heroin addiction. I’m really just his co-pilot. I’m Marlin Perkins, if you will, on this journey through the Wild Kingdom that is Jason Mewes. Ironically, it is essentially an intervention podcast, but I’m usually baked out of my mind, and the audience is shit-faced and drunk.”
“Smoking doesn’t bother me, and drinking doesn’t bother me,” says Mewes, who’s currently five years sober. “I definitely like both of those, but I don’t crave them like other drugs. I couldn’t be around an audience doing cocaine and bottles of OxyContin, but smoking won’t bother me. I think marijuana is a big help, and I totally agree with its medical use. My mom, who passed away from AIDS, was really sick and couldn’t eat, and the doctors prescribed her joints and Marinol, which are THC pills. It was the only thing that could help her eat. It really was.”

Smith, a more recent recreational user, admits it was a 16-year-old Mewes who “fully informed all my marijuana references in those movies.” Mewes remembers the days of driving around looking for smoke, the excitement of finding it and hoping for quality, which it often wasn’t. Though his sobriety prevents further smoking, he admires the product that MMJ dispensaries now provide.

“The other day, I was looking at the weed my wife got, and the jar had Scully and Mulder from The X-Files on it,” Mewes explains enthusiastically. “It was called Alien OG, and when you opened it up, it had red hairs and crystals. There were no seeds and no stems.”

For the POTcast, Mewes has great stories from a past Boulder visit, but he’s coming to Colorado early to stir up new mischief he can recount at the event. Likewise, with the podcast recently celebrating its 100th episode, he’s updated the format to encourage more audience involvement. This change has the duo wondering just what the Boulder Theater will allow.

“If it is state legal there, the big question is, can one smoke during the show?” Smith asks. “And am I a [wimp] if I don’t smoke during the show? It means a bunch of camera phones come out, but who am I kidding? Everyone knows I smoke weed. I talk about it so much.”

Mewes adds, “If he can do it without getting in trouble, I totally think he should. It would be awesome, and if everyone else lights up as well, it would be like one big puff of smoke.”

Jay and Silent Bob are what rehab counselors call “enablers,” but for the POTcast audience, it will be the ultimate in group therapy.

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