Jan. 7, 2013 07:31

Aaron Sandusky Sentenced: 10 Years for Providing Medicine

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Aaron Sandusky, the operator of the G3 Holistic chain of dispensaries in Southern California who also became a lightning rod for medical cannabis advocacy and a champion of cannabis rights—was sentenced today to 10 years in federal prison, according to friends, loved ones and supporters who attended his hearing.

“There were about 30 of Aaron’s supporters [at the sentencing hearing],” supporter Rory Murray told CULTURE. All under the watchful eyes of several federal security guards. Because they had deduced that we supporters were a threat to mankind.”

Last October, Sandusky was found guilty of two out of the six criminal charges he was facing—conspiracy to manufacture cannabis plants and intent to distribute 1,000 plants. Although Sandusky and his business associates operated under California’s voter-approved medical cannabis laws—Proposition 215 and state Senate Bill 420—the federal government still classifies cannabis as illegal for all purposes. As a result, Sandusky was not allowed to bring up California’s compassionate legislation nor use it as a defense.

According to Murray, U.S. Judge Percy Anderson told attendees that if they wanted to make a change they needed to convince Congress to change federal cannabis laws.

CULTURE covered the Sandusky trial, including jury deliberations, his guilty verdict and why the case is considered a miscarriage of justice.

Sandusky owned and operated three medical cannabis cooperatives Upland, Colton and Moreno Valley (plus a grow house in Ontario). G3 Holistics provided medicine for many Inland Empire patients.

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