Jan. 3, 2013 11:31

Media Shower

Media Shower

Double A.B. & Dub Sonata

Man Bites Dog

The world of rap music tends to be a major contradiction more often than not. You’ll hear music with great rhymes but lousy backing music, or vice versa. The best resolutions are the cleverest ones and teamwork seems to be the melodic answer here. New York rapper Double A.B. has combined his wit and words with spin master Dub Sonata, creating what can best be described as audio art. Media Shower is a collaboration that stands heads and shoulders above most in the genre. Dub Sonata’s symphony of cinematic and vintage samples blend together near seamlessly, with rare doldrums that are quickly swept behind as the music leaves the listener spellbound. A.B. also deserves his due for rhyming about serious and relevant subject matters—the title song is an insightful critique on 21st century entertainment saturation that delivers a strong message while keeping a consistent pace and rhythm. Looking for a good single? Start with “Lo Siento Amigo” and “Drug Wars.”

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