Jan. 2, 2013 06:11

The Candy Lady’s Cough Drops

Don’t look now, but cold and flu season has arrived. But have no fear—The Candy Lady is here! If you find yourself with a nagging cough or sore throat this season, head down to the Green Bee Collective in Ann Arbor where you’ll find medicated lozenges for the relief you need. We sampled The Candy Lady’s Cool Mint Menthol and Cherry Menthol drops, and were glad to see no unpronounceable words on the ingredients list. While you suck on these hard, translucent green and red lozenges, the mentholated taste is pretty prominent, but you’ll also notice the familiar cannabis taste. So when Jack Frost nips at your nose, The Candy Lady’s got the remedy for those sore throat woes.

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